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I Love My Work. Why Am I Exhausted at the End of the Day?

Does this sound familiar? By the end of the day, you are depleted, sad, and exhausted. You can't imagine how you're going to wake up tomorrow and do it all over again.

If this sounds like you, you may need to shore up your grounding skills and your boundaries and this post is all about that.

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Things I Used to Tell Myself: “I'm Not Ready to Invest in My Business”

When do you know that it’s finally time to take the plunge and reach out to get the support that you need for your bodywork business?

I remember the first time I made the big leap. It was SCARY!

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The 3 Biggest Mistakes Bodyworkers Are Making in Their Marketing

Today, I’m going to share the 3 biggest mistakes that massage and bodywork therapists make in their marketing, so that you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start again, knowing that you’ve got some support to help you reach your goals.

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Steal these ideas! A Behind-the-Scenes Look at how I got my first clients

Now that I’m mentoring and coaching other therapists, one of the biggest questions I hear is, “How did you find clients way back in the beginning? Back when nobody knew who you were?” Today, I’m going to take you behind the scenes and share with you exactly what I did to spread the word and find those first clients.

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Mistakes I've Made on My Way to a Full CranioSacral Therapy Practice: Visualizing Is Not Enough

It’s not enough to visualize. You also have to have a plan — an actionable, concrete plan that you can work on every day, and then track to see how you are doing

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Tired of Trying All. The. Things. and Not Having Any New Clients to Show for It?

Often, the piece that is missing for practitioners struggling with their businesses is Creating a Safe Container. But what EXACTLY does that mean?

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Keeping It Real: Mistakes I've Made on My Way to a Full CranioSacral Therapy Practice

Too often, we think that everyone but us has it totally together, is way farther along the path than we are, and has it all figured out. So, we give up and play small, rather than putting ourselves out there where we can reach the people who can be served by our work.

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You Don't Have to Jump Off a Cliff: How to Transition from Your Current Schedule to an Ideal Schedule

As much as I love the idea that if we take bold steps the Universe will meet us where we are and propel us forward, I’ve seen that it doesn’t always pan out that way.

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