A Blueprint for Success for You and Your Bodywork Business

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In my last post, I compared building a bodywork business to renovating a house (complete with glamorous pic of moi with my nail gun. You can see it here!)

In both cases, you'll save so much time, energy, and money if you know when to rely on the guidance of someone with more experience and expertise -- someone who has done it before and can show you the way.

However you decide to reach out for guidance, it's important to have a blueprint in place. Just like a blueprint for a house, it will act as a reminder of what you’re aiming for, so you don't waste time spinning your wheels or moving in the wrong direction.

And now is the perfect time to create a blueprint for Q4 - the last quarter of 2018. Here are 3 easy steps you can use TODAY to get you started:

1. SCHEDULE: Take a moment to imagine your ideal schedule. How many clients would you see each week? What days would you see them? What times? When would you work on your business development and education? And most important of all, when would you take your ME-time?

Block out time on a blank calendar until you have a schedule that works for you. In the next 3 months, begin to transform your existing schedule into your ideal schedule.

2. INCOME: How much income do you need to bring in each month? If you're not sure, take heart -- lots of therapists are in the same boat. We dive deep into this in The Bodywork Project, so that you can get a better grasp of what your income should be each month to keep your business running.

For now, take your best guess for your monthly income, divide it by 4, and then divide it by the number of clients you want to see each week. Is it possible? If not, maybe it's time to raise your prices, and the first of the year is a perfect time to do it.

3. MASTERY & MARKETING: Choose one thing in each of these areas that you will do each month in Q4. So, what will you do in October to make sure you are reaching more people? And what will you do to improve your skills or enhance your knowledge base in your modality?

Then, simply rinse and repeat for November and December.

Use this simple blueprint for Q4 to be sure you stay on track for your business goals.

It's planning and implementation of key strategies like this that will allow your business to boom so you can help more people by doing the work you love. You can do it!