How Can I Earn More from My Massage or Bodywork Business?


Welcome back to the Bodywork Business Book Series, where I scour through business books so you don't have to!

This is where you'll get my reviews and suggestions for must-read books to help you up-level your business, no matter what that next level is for you.

You know by now that I get jazzed not only about reading, but also about hooking you up with the perfect book.

So much of what's been written about business and entrepreneurship is wicked boring and tough to slog through. Fear not. I'll guide you to some true gems, so that whether you check them out from the library or decide to add them to your professional collection, you'll know you've got something that will work for YOU.

Double Double: How to Double Your Revenue and Profit in Three Years or Less

Cameron Herold is an entertaining writer and a heck of a businessman. He was the COO of the colossally successful 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and is a savvy coach and mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs.

In Double Double, he gives you a blueprint for doubling your revenue and income (revenue is how much your business brings in; income is how much you pay yourself) in under three years.

Though much of the book is geared toward entrepreneurs with larger companies, there is a ton of information and advice for a solo practitioner as well.

One of my favorite principles of Herold's is what he calls reverse engineering your business.

What this means is that you begin with a vision of how you want your practice to look (just like we do in The Bodywork Project) and then you work backwards to figure out what you need to do to achieve your vision.

It's a simple, yet brilliant idea, and so much better than trying to fly by the seat of your pants!

And I love Herold's advice to reach your highest potential in your business:


"I've found that the highest performing leaders and companies are the ones who reach out for advice. Most high-ranking CEOs have coaches or mentors, even if they never talk about them. Successful people learn from other successful people..."

From Double Double


If you're ready to really make a big jump in your business, pick up Cameron Herold's Double Double, and start creating that vision.

It's time. You're ready.