Mentoring and Business Coaching for Massage and Bodywork Therapists

VIP by the Sea

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Accomplish more in a single day than most bodyworkers do in months!

  • Imagine the confidence you would feel with a solid, concrete plan for moving your practice to the next level. {You could finally work ON your business, instead of just IN it, putting out fires.}

  • Imagine how much relief you’ll get from a whole day to focus just on YOUR business. {You’ll lean into my years of experience both as a therapist and a mentor — the day is all about YOU.}

  • Imagine how amazing it would be to get personalized, intensive support from someone who has been in your shoes and has walked the path you want to walk. {Through this process, you’ll align your business goals with your desired lifestyle, then we’ll create the strategy to reach them.}

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If you’re looking to up-level in your business, and want to get into action quickly, a VIP Day is exactly what you need.

Sometimes you need more than a group experience; you need the depth and energy that a private mentoring experience gives you.

If you'd like to really delve deep into this work, VIP by the Sea is for you.

It's designed to provide you with the profound wisdom and renewal that come from a focused, intensive day of work together.

And you'll experience the transformative healing power of the ocean.


If you’re ready to see massive momentum in your business,

it’s time to get laser focused.

When you join me for the VIP by the Sea experience, you’ll leave with answers to your biggest questions, and a real game plan to take your business to the next level.


Your VIP Experience

You and I will spend a day working together in person in Kure Beach, on the North Carolina coast (or virtually via Zoom, if you prefer).

We’ll begin the morning with 2 hours of focused work around the topic of your choice — mindset difficulties? help with copywriting or marketing messages? uncertainties about your next business step?

You’ll receive face-to-face support in the areas YOU want to focus on.

Then, we’ll break for lunch to give you a chance to get some mental and physical space to let our work sink in.

You’ll be on your own to spend 90 minutes eating, journaling, or just walking on the beach. You’ll be refreshed and renewed when we begin the afternoon’s session.

Armed with your insights from the break, we’ll spend 2 more hours together really hammering out the nitty-gritty of what you’d like to accomplish.

You’ll walk away from the experience having made a quantum jump from being stuck, to having a clear vision and a plan to make the vision a reality.

All that from a day by the ocean.

(And because you’re a Bodywork Project alumnus, you’ll get a 30 minute follow-up call a month later to touch base on your action plan, talk about how things are going, and make tweaks so you can keep rocking it as you go forward.)

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Are you ready for VIP by the Sea?

I designed this intensive 1x1 experience for bodyworkers who are a lot like me:

  • Smart, savvy therapists who are ready to serve more people without burning out or selling out. And finally have a plan for more consistent clients and cashflow without all the worry and fear.

  • Practitioners who are ready to stop working so darned hard growing your business with not much to show for your efforts. And who are ready to get laser-focused to get results.

  • Action-takers who are ready to roll up their sleeves, become a Pro and CEO, and implement like crazy to make a massive difference for their business for years to come.

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VIP by the Sea is an intensive experience. It’s like 3 months of 1x1 coaching (valued at $3000+) all in one day!

You’ll get fast results (making the program even more valuable!) One day you're uncertain what to do to move your practice forward, and the very next day, you have a clear, easy-to-follow marketing plan, or all the copy for your website written, or your email newsletter all set up and ready to go, along with a year’s worth of topics to write about, or the insight and understanding you need to finally break through your mindset blocks.

How much money would that save you? Better, how much money could that earn you?

There are two payment options for the VIP by the Sea program.

You can make one payment of $1997, or six monthly payments of $377.

Because of the unique qualities of the VIP by the Sea program, there are very few openings available for this personalized, highly tailored experience. If you feel like you are a perfect fit – please apply ASAP as spots will be filled first come, first serve!

Even if you aren’t 100% sure about joining yet, I encourage you to fill out the application! It will help you gain clarity and focus on what you need to create the next level in your practice.

Once I receive your application, I will contact you within 2 business days to schedule an 1x1 interview to ensure this is a 100% perfect next step in your journey. I look forward to talking with you!