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You’ve worked hard and have filled your practice with clients you love who are Raving Fans. That’s a perfect place to be! You can be there forever and have a perfectly sustainable practice. But if your heart is telling there is more, it’s time to be of service to more people by putting your work out into the world and start building momentum.

There's a lot to discover in this module -- you'll learn how to raise your prices with ease and grace, how to make a pivot in your business when your heart is calling you to do more, and how to create package offerings that focus on serving your clients.

Building Momentum is all about scaling up your practice in a way that resonates with your heart so that you can serve more people with authenticity and integrity. And it's about putting yourself out there in a way that uses all your magnificence, your creativity, and your power.

There are a ton of resources for you in this module. Look around and see what calls to you. Start there. Dig in, and be sure post your questions, comments, struggles and big wins in  The Bodywork Project Community Forum. We're here for you and we've got your back. (Nice shades!)


“When you step into your power and your true authentic self, you shine.

You shine so brightly that the world tries to keep up.”

-Shannon Kaiser-

Lesson 1.
Start Building Momentum.

Lesson 2.
Your Offerings.

Lesson 3.
Raising Your Prices.

Lesson 5.
Multiple Streams of Income.

Module 5 Building Momentum Resources


The Bodywork Project Interview Series features interviews with industry pros whose expertise will help you grow your massage or bodywork business. In Module 5, I talk with business coach Jason Stein about becoming more visible in your practice, and why that can be so hard. To find out more about Jason and to take him up on his offer, visit:

Elizabeth Gilbert muses on the impossible things we expect from artists and geniuses -- and shares the radical idea that, instead of the rare person "being" a genius, all of us "have" a genius.