Your Roadmap to Success:

3 Steps to getting from where you are to where you want to go.

Challenge Day 7 FB image.png

You've got a lot of ideas about the kind of bodywork practice you want to have.

But how do you begin the journey from here to there?

There’s no guarantee that any idea you take action on will be a home-run right out of the gate.

And that level of uncertainty can bring up a ton of fear… which could be keeping you stuck, spinning your wheels, and praying that the answers will magically appear in the clouds.

It doesn’t work quite like that.

When it comes to creating the intentional practice {and life} that you’ve been dreaming of, you’ve got to be willing to take the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

Today, I’m sharing a simple and strategic 3-step process that will get you started.

This is a process I find myself going through all the time. Because just like you, I have a bazillion things going on in my life, and I need a roadmap so that I stay on course and keep moving in the direction of my dreams. Now, you can do it, too.

I'm asked all the time about the planner I use to keep myself organized. Check out the Passion Planner -- it's part personal organizer, part appointment book, part dream journal. I love how it looks and feels, and I love the results I've seen since I've been using it. {And I LOVE how the company gives back to the community, too!}

And CONGRATS! You’ve wrapped the Step Up and Fill Your Practice Challenge!!!

I'm raising the roof for you! And I'm sending gratitude for you and the work you do in the world. Cheers to you!