Narrow Your Focus to Fill Your Practice:

Help more people by doing the work you truly love.

Challenge Day 6 FB image.png

Wouldn’t it be amazing if:

Your calendar was filled with clients you absolutely love working with...

You got to the end of each day and you felt content and fulfilled, instead of feeling exhausted and depleted {and you knew you were doing important work of serving others rather than just overworked and underappreciated}...

People knew EXACTLY who to refer to you because you’ve finally become the go-to expert for your ideal clients.

It’s actually easier than you might think to make this dream come true… and it all starts with narrowing your focus.

It might sound simple enough… but actually understanding what you need to do to fill your practice and translating that knowledge into a business that fits you 100% are two COMPLETELY different things. {That’s why I have an entire program The Bodywork Project!}

In today’s challenge, you’ll learn how to use your passion, purpose, and understanding to narrow your focus and create a sustainable, successful bodywork business.


See you tomorrow... in the next challenge, we'll start taking everything you've worked on this week to create a roadmap for your business {imagine the power of the Step Up and Fill Your Practice x 4!}

See you soon!



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