Think Inside the Box:

Setting up a schedule that works for YOU.

Challenge Day 4 FB image.png

When was the last time you looked at your schedule for the week, and said, "YES! I've got the perfect number of clients, on just the days I want to see them, and I have plenty of time to work on the business side of my practice, too -- my work/life balance is just perfect!"

Not quite like that, huh?

Maybe it’s more like you take clients whenever THEY can work it into their schedules, or you work so much that you can't remember the last time you had a calm, leisurely dinner with your family.

Which really means – you’re doing everything for everyone else, and you're on your way to burnout.

And you still can't find the time to work on the business side of your practice.

Time to think INSIDE the box!

If you’re ready to set up your schedule so that you can finally start striking the balance between helping others and helping yourself – you’re going to love today’s challenge to set yourself up for success each day!

In today’s challenge, you’ll learn:

  • The surprising connection between helping others to heal and healing your bodywork business {it’s all about holding space for you and your practice to grow!}

  • A simple strategy that allows you to focus, prioritize, and get more done {so you can leave work at work, without constantly thinking that you should be doing MORE}

  • How to set up a schedule that's perfect for YOU {you’ll be amazed how straightforward this can be!}

See you tomorrow… in the next challenge I’ll share my favorite method for setting yourself up for success with your clients as soon as they walk through your treatment room door {HINT: it's WAY eaiser than you think!}

See you soon!