Be a Pro and CEO:

You need to be both to build a successful bodywork business.

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If you’re a heart-centered bodyworker, you started your business because you wanted to share your passion with the world!

You wanted to help people feel better and help ease their pain.

And you wanted to make a life – not just a living – doing something meaningful.

But are you really doing what you love?

Or are you finding yourself up to your eyeballs trying to figure out marketing and networking and what the heck you're supposed to be doing to build a successful practice?

You KNOW you need to work ON your biz – but who has the time when there is so much to do IN the day-to-day running of a bodywork practice -- and where should you even start?

That’s exactly what we’re tackling inside the Step Up & Fill Your Practice Challenge!

In my 15+ years of working as a hands-on bodywork therapist, and mentoring and coaching other bodyworkers – I’ve realized that too many of us find ourselves completely stressed out, overwhelmed, and on the verge of burnout because of one big problem:

Not realizing that you have to be both a PRO AND CEO to have a successful and sustainable practice.

It’s time to get a clear understanding of what's involved in having a thriving bodywork practice!

You’re not doing it wrong, you just need to shift the way you approach your business.

In today’s challenge, you’ll learn:

  • The 5-part framework that will instantly help you understand why your practice isn’t (yet!) where you want it to be {you’ll finally have clarity about what you need to do next and can stop spinning your wheels!}

  • What you need to DO in your biz if you’re ready to create a profitable + sustainable business {and stop beating yourself up for not “getting it!"}

  • Why you need to be both the PRO and CEO of your business {if you’re ready to really step into your power and be in service to others, you must have these two pieces of the puzzle in place!}

See you next time… in tomorrow’s challenge we’ll dive into the single biggest shift you can make to turn your practice around {AND do the work your heart is calling you to do!}

See you soon!


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