Mentoring and Business Coaching for Massage and Bodywork Therapists

Personalized guidance uniquely tailored
for you and your practice.

Do you have a solid plan to grow and sustain your bodywork business that gets you excited when you think about it? ...or are you not sure what to do next? {You've tried a couple of free programs, and looking up marketing advice online, but you don't know exactly what your next step should be.}

Are you booked out a couple weeks in advance, with a waiting list of clients you can contact if someone happens to reschedule? ...or do you spend a lot of time worrying? {When you look ahead in your appointment book, does your heart sink?}

Are you confident being the Pro and CEO of your business? ...or do you feel like you're winging it most of the time? {You know in your heart you want to be a full-time bodywork therapist, doing the modality you really want to do, but you're just not sure how...}


I've been there.

I know what you're going through, trying to get your work into the world, doing what your heart has called you to do, so that you can help more people live full lives without pain.

Several years ago I was living my dream — living overseas and traveling the world while teaching English to international high school students. I loved the adventure: immersing myself in different cultures, eating exotic foods, and meeting beautiful people all over the world. It was fantastic.

Until it wasn't. Eight years of the globetrotting lifestyle finally caught up with me, and my body rebelled. My illnesses didn't respond to Western medicine, and so I found myself trying a variety of complementary and alternative modalities —anything that would help me feel better. CranioSacral Therapy was what finally allowed me to turn the corner and become whole again.

I knew in my heart I wanted to share this remarkable therapy with others.


So, I did the unthinkable. I left teaching (which I loved), moved back to America, and enrolled in massage therapy school 90 minutes from where I lived. I figured I would get the hands-on education that would allow me to practice CST, and the business side of my practice would take care of itself.

Not so much.

I was in the "If I Build It, They Will Come" mindset, but it doesn't work that way. There is a huge gap between what they teach you about business in bodywork school and what you need to know to make a go of it in the real world.

I discovered that most bodywork therapists only work for a couple of years before calling it quits. That wasn't an option for me because I had completely changed my life to pursue this dream. So I rolled up my sleeves, got the support and guidance I needed, and started my own bodywork practice in a new town where the only person I knew was our realtor.

Fast forward a couple of years... and now I have a full practice with a waiting list of clients. I make six figures working four days a week. I love my clients, the work I do, and I have plenty of time to hang out at the beach {my happy place} with my husband and awesome dog, George. I've designed a business that works for me.

My business is built around my life. Not the other way around.

And you can do it, too.


I designed my Private Mentoring Program to help savvy, passionate bodywork therapists like you create sustainable businesses so you can stop worrying and start living your dreams.


Lean into my 15+ years of experience as a practitioner AND the owner of my private practice. I know what it's like to be a therapist because I AM one—I work hands-on in my modality every week. I know that the one-size-fits-all business advice that's out there doesn't always cut it in the bodyworker world.

It can be so overwhelming to think you have to do Every Single Thing the "experts" tell you to do: one day it's networking and giving out freebies, and the next, it's Facebook Live and podcasting. And none of it feels right to you.

My Six Month Private Mentoring Program may be just the ticket to finding the clarity and ease you need to grow your massage or bodywork practice.

{To best serve mentorship clients, I only open a few spots for perfect-fit people, a couple of times a year.}



“I’ve been working in the Healing Arts for many years, and Mindy Totten is the real deal.”

Stephanie Swafford, New York, NY



Our time together in Private Mentoring
is uniquely tailored for you.

We'll delve deep into what's working your your business—and what's not—and together we'll design a plan forward so that you can reach your goals.

If you're like many of the therapists I work with, by the end of our work together you'll start:

Working less while earning more so that you have both the time AND the money to live a lifestyle that you intentionally design. {Picture yourself savoring your success with more time with friends, dinners with your family, and the occasional stroll on the beach.}

Stepping into your power by turning your experience and expertise into a workshop, program, or service that will let you connect with and serve more people. {Imagine serving more people without working more hours...}

Waking up with your appointment slots filled with people you love working with {and having a waiting list for your next available openings}.

Start building a practice you love and stop feeling burned out and discouraged, constantly fighting overwhelm. {You'll work the days and hours YOU want to work.}



Your Private Mentorship Experience


Coaching Kickoff Call

Once you are accepted into the program, I'll send you a Deep Dive Questionnaire designed to give you the chance to reflect and think about where you are in your practice and where you want to be. Then, we'll set up an introductory 90-minute kickoff call where we'll take the time to really talk and get to know each other. We'll see what's working for you, what's not, and how you want your practice to change. Together, we'll come up with a six-month plan to get you from where you are to your Ideal Practice. The Kickoff Call allows us to hit the ground running in our time together.



Private Mentoring Calls

You and I will have two one-hour teleconference calls each month. In these laser-focused strategy calls, I will provide ongoing mentoring to help you gain clarity and move forward wherever you are stuck. Believe me when I tell you that developing and growing your practice is some of the deepest personal growth work you'll ever do. And I'll be with you every step of the way!



The Weekly 1.2.3.

After each call, you'll receive a 1.2.3. list of steps to take to move forward, so you can have accountability and really get the most of our work together.



Email Support

Between calls, there will be email check-ins to offer support and see how you are doing. You can email me anytime with questions and I'll always get back to you within 24 business hours.



Bonus: Audio Recordings
of the Calls

After each session, you can go back and listen as often as you'd like to our calls. That way, you don't have to worry about scrambling madly to take notes so you can catch every last word, and you can be truly present during our time together.



Bonus: Bodywork Business Toolkit

You'll receive my Business Toolkit: Tools and Templates for a Thriving Bodywork Practice, a step-by-step guide packed with done-for-you templates, scripts, and examples of how to effectively communicate with your clients so you can build your Ideal Practice. The Toolkit is a $75 value, and you'll receive it free with the Private Mentoring Program.



Bonus: Insider Status and Recommended Resources

You'll have access to free tips and tricks through my weekly email newsletter, as well as Mindy's Favorites, a list of my go-to resources for books, platforms, and other tools of the trade.




There are two payment options for
the Six Month Private Mentoring Program.

You can make one payment of $2997, or six monthly payments of $597. After we've worked together for six months, we will decide together what will be the next best step for you. Therapists often want to continue with individualized support far beyond the initial six months, and it is my privilege and pleasure to be with you every step of your journey.


VIP by the Sea 

Sometimes you need more than a face on a video screen; you need the depth and energy that an in-person experience gives you. If you'd like to really delve deep into this work, the VIP option is for you.

It's designed to provide you with the profound wisdom and renewal that come from a focused, intensive day of work together. And you'll experience the transformative healing power of the ocean.

In addition to everything in the 6 Month Private Mentoring Program, you’ll also receive a 1-day VIP by the Sea experience. You and I will spend a day working together (in person!) in Kure Beach, on the North Carolina coast.

We’ll begin the morning with 2 hours of focused work around the topic of your choice — mindset difficulties? help with copywriting or marketing messages? uncertainties about your next business step? You’ll receive face-to-face support in the areas that YOU want to focus on.

Then, we’ll break for lunch to give you a chance to get some mental and physical space to let our work sink in. You’ll be on your own to spend 90 minutes eating, journaling, or just walking on the beach. You’ll be refreshed and renewed when we begin the afternoon’s session.

Armed with your insights from the break, we’ll spend 2 more hours together really hammering out the nitty-gritty of what you’d like to accomplish. You’ll walk away from the experience having made a quantum jump from being stuck to having a clear vision and plan to make the vision a reality.

All that from a day by the ocean.

The investment for the VIP 6 Month Private Mentoring Program is $4497, or six monthly payments of $797.

Are you ready to step into your power and take your bodywork practice to the next level?

You can contact me with any questions you may have about the Private Mentoring Program, and I'll get right back to you, or we can set up a time for a 15 minute call.

If you know you're ready to claim one of the available spots, simply complete the form below, and you'll be on your way.

I'm delighted to be able to offer the Private Mentoring Program to you because I know it will help you and your practice soar.

I've seen where you are in your business, how dedicated you are to creating your ideal practice, and it would be my privilege and pleasure to work with you one-on-one to help you reach your dreams.